Selected Hemp Buds rich in CBD


Selected Hemp Buds rich in CBD



Selected Hemp Buds rich in CBD

Product Description

Deal: Buy 5x Fedora-17 40g boxes and get one Futura-75 box free

More fresh more green and more rich in cbd.

Choose from three strains for more rich cannabinoid spectrum (endourage)

Felina 32 & Futura 75 & Fedora-17

Manually harvested dried and sorted CBD-rich flower buds of hemp plants from Lithuanian organic fields are excellent for a variety of uses:

making tea,


smoking as tabaco free alternative

tinctures and compresses,

doing cbd extraction

either adding to food or bath.

These are the best ways to benefit from all known properties of CBD.

the flowers are precisely picked and sorted in a box to save structure of a bud and all components in it…

Please read real people reviews about this product on the link above…

Additional information


40 g


Futura 75, Fedora 17, Felina 32

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