Chiquita Banana (The Ultra Potent Marijuana Strain)



Chiquita Banana (The Ultra Potent Marijuana Strain)

Simply put, this 50/50 hybrid is one of the strongest strains on the planet. Its THC level clocks in at an incredible 33% and it is a cross between Banana and OG Kush. If you don’t believe us when we say how strong it is, perhaps you’ll believe High Times as the publication named Chiquita Banana as one of the world’s strongest strains in 2015 and 2016.

It is a ‘tricky’ strain because while it is incredibly strong, it doesn’t feel like it when using. It is a few minutes before the high takes hold but when it does, it grips you in a state of euphoria, and you’ll probably end up in fits of giggles.

Chiquita Banana is best for experienced users in need of relief from conditions such as cramps, chronic pain, and depression. What’s amazing about this strain is that it gives off a banana taste although it has a citrus aroma.